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    nuc6i5 not sending video through Denon AVR-3310ci receiver


      I connected my NUC6i5 to a Denon AVR-3310ci. On initial boot, the sound and video worked fine with windows 10. Upgrading the video driver software results in the video signal through the receiver fails. The information on the receiver indicates the "pixel depth" is ---. I see signal, but alas the video signal does not seem to transit the receiver. I am not sure how to debug the issue. Perhaps reinstalling Windows10 and not installing the newer driver will provide some idea about what the settings are in the working state. Then can figure out what is breaking in the latest driver release.

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          I would suggest that you uninstall the newer driver, reboot Windows and then install it again. If this acts the same, uninstall the newer driver, reboot and then install the older driver. The reboots *are* important...


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            Hello ninwardspiral,
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            First, I suggest you to follow N. Scott Pearson recommendation; you can download the latest Beta driver released here:
            Intel® Beta Graphics Driver for Windows® 10 and Windows 7*/8.1* [15.40]
            If it does not work I suggest the following.
            Have you tried different HDMI cable (High quality HDMI), The first, and easiest, thing to try is to let the units reset and try handshaking again by turning them off, unplugging them from the power, and powering them up again in order.  Leave all the HDMI cables connected during his process.
            Plug the TV back into the power and turn it on.
            Plug the surround-sound receiver back into the power and turn it on.
            Plug the source device back into the power and let it go through its startup routine.
            Hopefully, this solved the problem.  If not:
            Do you have high quality HDMI cable?
            If you are attempting to connect to a TV that supports 1080p, 4K, 3D or Deep Color, you will need to use a High Speed HDMI Cable. To verify you have one of these, look along the cabling itself for the printed text which says “High Speed HDMI Cable.” If it is not there, you may not be using a cable that is required to work with your display device.
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              Thanks for all of the suggestions. I tried all of them, but no luck, so I decided to systematically figure out what worked. With the windows driver only, it worked for a minute, and then went black. So I determined something in the display signalling is causing the signal to adjust to an unsupported signal to the receiver.


              To verify this hypothesis, I connected the NUC to the receiver AND the mini-DVI to a monitor. In that configuration, I could send 1080p through to the TV. Cool, that works. Next I disconnected the mini-DVI leaving the HDMI to the receiver, the TV would go blank again, even if it was configured to mirror displays. Puzzled by this, I bypassed the Denon receiver, and plugged the HDMI directly into the 4K display. This displayed the windows desktop, so I checked the resolution setting, and it was way over 1080p. Although I do not know the HDMI protocol or signalling, I have concluded from the tests that the Denon receiver must be passing through the 4K display information to the NUC, even though the connected display identifier in windows always read DENON-AVR. However since the receiver cannot handle that high of resolution, it simply shuts off the output. I assume when the HDMI is the only display connected, windows tries to adjust to the maximum supported.


              Luckily, I had an digital audio output from the TV to the receiver, and the TV can send the sound back to the receiver, so that works. I suppose the moral of the story is... Even though the connected monitor appears to be the receiver, the display parameters may be passed through, so make sure the receiver can handle the full resolution of the TV.




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                FYI, what you call "display parameters" is actually the EDID. I would guess that most receivers simply pass that through, otherwise they'd have to parse it and then construct their own based on the parsed information somehow (filtering modes they don't support). Still this is a bug in the receiver, not the NUC / display drivers and you would most probably get the same issues with other graphics cards.