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    NUC6i7KYK - Driver Update Utility - Failed Driver Installations


      NUC6i7KYK, 32gb HyperX RAM, 950 PRO m.2 SSD, Win10


      After installing Windows, the NUC didn't have the right drivers and was unable to connect to the Internet. I used another computer to download the drivers to a USB stick and then copied them to my NUC and installed them.


      Once I was able to connect to the Internet from the NUC, I installed the Driver Update Utility.




      1. After running the DUU scan, it looks like some of the drivers I installed are more recent that what the DUU lists as "Latest Version." Should I just leave those alone?


      2. I may have installed some of the drivers manually that the DUU is now not recognizing. For example, my Bluetooth drivers are installed, but the DUU is not showing any drivers as installed. When I try to use the DUU to install the Bluetooth driver, it always gives "Failed." I also tried deleting Bluetooth from the Devices Manager and then installing from the DUU. It still gives "Failed," but I noticed Bluetooth shows up again in my Devices Manager.


      I'm also getting "Failed" when trying to use the DUU to install Intel Rapid Storage driver, Thunderbolt Bus Driver, and Nuvoton Consumer Infrared driver.


      What should I do so I can get all these drivers to show up in the DUU so I can use the DUU to stay current with my drivers?


      Thanks in advance,