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    Powering my Intel Edison


      Hi, I've used my Edison with USB wire, but now I want to use it independently, so I tougth to buy this product: Licke - Alimentador de red universal para portátiles (con adaptador e indicador) tensión: 5 V-15 V: Amazon.es: Informáti… , so I can use it with other things. Do you think it's a good choice, and what would be the best configuration? I tought 9V/2A, but I'm not sure.





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          Hi Carlos,

          The Edison with the Arduino Expansion Board powered by a power supply supports 7V to 15V. Regarding the current, it often uses 500mA but it could use more than this (600mA ~750mA). The board will not draw more than 2A if you are concerned of using the power supply you posted above.
          I’m currently using a power supply of 12V and 1.5A and it works great. If you are going to use a power supply of 9V and 2A you shouldn’t have problems.