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    Intel HD Graphics 4600 Driver Failure, requires further Installation




      I've been having this issue since I've upgrade to windows 10, close to a year ago I believe. I have an HP ENVY m6-n012dx Notebook PC (ENERGY STAR).



      When I play any PC game, or sometimes(rarely) when I don't, my display driver will fail. It will recover near immediately though, but I assume this isn't too healthy for my computer if it keeps repeatedly doing this.


      I have noticed, when I go into my device manager and check the properties of my Intel HD Graphics 4600 card, this is in the events:



      So it says it needs further installation, and I've tried a lot of things to fix it. I assume that once it's installed all the way, the problem will be fixed.


      I have already uninstalled it, and tried reinstalling it straight from HP's website. I have also tried installing the base driver for my device off Intel's website. I'm basically at the end of my rope, and I'm not sure what to do at this point.

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