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    intel graphic accelerator driver for windows 8(R) stopped responding and have successfully recovered, on windows 10 when using external monitor


      hey !


      I am using windows 10, and with Intel HD Graphics 3000. I didn't have any problem before with my graphic card but out of nowhere i started getting this error and my screen would go off and can't do anything other than force a shutdown and restart again. Even when restarting i still get some graphic glitches on the loading screen with the manufacturer logo. So now i can not play video games i used to play normally before, i get this error even when browsing with chrome, opening notepad, watching a 1080p video of any length and practically every time i am supposed to use my graphic card other than watching the win10 desktop.


      I do use a second Monitor too and this error comes much more often when i use the extend monitors projection  it's a SAMSUNG SyncMaster 2243LNX .


      I did read all the previous posts and didn't really find any working solution. My manufacturer ,DELL,  has no other drivers i need to install in the utility software.
      i did reinstall the drivers exactly 7 times , and evne installed older versions that work on windows 7 and it didn't help.


      Note : this happens also on linux distributions, but so much less often. i read about the bios problem on the internet but i couldn't find anyway to fix it. So Please Help me it's so frustrating!