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    bug during installation - intel hd graphics - monitor turned off - out of range message


      At the end of the installation of the intel hd graphics drivers the monitor turns off because the new drivers don't remember the old driver's previous settings for the display and the new ones create new settings that are out of the performance range for my monitor. I have to shut down the computer and restart it in order to use it and this is really annoying. I have to shut down all the running applications too and end the PC session.

      I think this happened to older drivers too (year 2015), but not to very old drivers (approx. year 2014).


      During the installation I don't select to run WinSAT(Windows System Assessment Tool), and I don't want to run it. The drivers install, they shut down the display as usual, to check the settings, but at the end of the installation the display turns off and I get a message saying that the current settings are out of range for my display.

      I had the resolution set to 1920x1080 at 60Hz before the install. I use Windows 7 x64, intel i5-4570 with intel hd graphics 4600, a stock cpu/not overclocked and the bug appeared this time when I was installing the drivers Intel "HD Graphics 4600 - - win64_153631.4414 - release date: 5/13/2016".

      After I reboot the PC, everything is OK.


      Please fix this bug.