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    USB does NOT work Skull Canyon NUC Win 7!


      I PREFER to run Windows 7.  I see Windows 7 drivers on the Intel NUC site, but NO USB port works in 7!

      USB Keyboard and mouse work IN BIOS.  But when I plug in my Windows 7 Installation USB stick, it gets to the initial Windows setup screen but USB keyboard and mouse ARE DEAD.  As it goes through the boot screens, right before the "Install Windows" screen comes up, the screen turns black, it disables all USB.  All lights turn off on keyboard and mouse, then the Install Windows screen comes on but you can't do anything!!


      I plugged in an M.2 SSD that already had a Windows 7 install on it.  I was going to perform a fresh install.   With the Sandisk USB stick I was using mMst times, BIOS would IGNORE BOOT ORDER, so it booted into the old Windows 7 install. 


      USB KEYBOARD AND MOUSE ARE DEAD in that Win 7 installation too!


      If i plug in my Windows 10 installation disk, the keyboard and mouse work PERFECTLY!


      I have never heard of USB keyboard and mouse NOT working in Windows 7!!!  I tried all ports!


      I updated to newest BIOS just before writing this.


      Does Skull Canyon NUC support USB in Windows 7 or not?  If NOT, why are there Windows 7 drivers available for download?  This is SO FRUSTRATING!  I prefer Windows 7!


      P.S. I am now using a newer Sandisk Cruser that always boots, but the problem is the same.  JUST before the "Install Windows" screen comes up, IT KILLS ALL USB PORTS!  Maybe even the port that the USB stick is in.   don't know.. Cause the keyboard and mouse DON'T WORK!