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    CPU Throttling on Windows 10


      Hello community members,


      I own a four year old Sony Vaio VPCF235FA notebook with the Intel Core i5-2430M processor. It was inherited from my mum last year. After I upgraded the OS from Windows 7 to Windows 10, the CPU usage and clock limited itself to a maximum clock of 790 MHz, and 33% usage while running Prime95 on battery power. On AC power, it remains at a sufficiently stable clock to complete even the most intensive tasks. As far as I know, this never happened to the PC when I would borrow it from my mum when it was running Windows 7.


      I have been to power options, and set it on performance. The CPU minimum & maximum states are set to 100% on both battery and AC power. SpeedFan revealed that the CPU core temperature never rises above 50 Celsius, so this rules out thermal throttling. As expected with Sony products, I am unable to access advanced BIOS functions to inspect CPU frequency scaling.


      I have tried StopThrottle from TechPowerUp, but it had no effect.


      Is there anyway where I can rectify this problem? My upgrade to Windows 10 has been a miserable experience, and I wish I could have downgraded to Win. 7 within the month I upgraded the OS.


      I raised this question on Sony Community Forums, only to have a moderator scolded me for upgrading the PC to Windows 10, because Sony does not have the necessary drivers for their Vaio PCs after they sold off the brand.


      Will downgrading back to Windows 7 help me in anyway? Can users with similar issues please share there experience in change in CPU performance after upgrading to Windows 10?


      Many Thanks!