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    Intel HD 530 (6700K) 2d graphic artifacts while and after resizing



      I recently have graphic issues involving window resizing:

      If I for example open Windows Explorer and enlarge the Window with the mouse using the left border, I get artifacts as visible in attachment (Artifacts1.png).

      If I resize slowly (~2 Pixels per second) the issue does not appear.

      If I resize a bit faster it looks like the scrollbar in Artifacts1.png smears to the left (looks like it the right edge of the scrollbar a bit too far left, doing that for every resize event)

      If I go even faster the artifacts remain pretty static as seen in Artifacts1.png.

      Once the artifacts are there (there is no movement like noise) they remain until the window is minimized or dragged out of view (i.e. until the area is repainted instead of just moved)


      This doesn't only happen with Windows Explorer but other applications as well:

      Affected: Windows Explorer, Windows Photo Viewer, mIRC, etc

      Not Affected: Chrome, Visual Studio, Notepad++, Device Manager, etc


      The second Image Artifacts2.png, happens rarely (at least I haven't found a way to reproduce it) and it occurred when restoring the window from minimized state.


      The issues probably started after upgrading the driver (I had trouble with starting Minecraft and it was recommended to upgrade the drivers which solved the issue), though I'm not sure which version it was.


      If more information is need I'm happy to provide them.



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      Win10 Pro 64bit

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      Windows Explorer


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      -Open Windows Explorer

      -Enlarge window with mouse using the left edge