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    Bluetooth 4.0 LE


      I recently bought the new Intel NUC (Skull Canyon).  I set everything up, but I had trouble getting my Logitech MX Master wireless mouse to work with the dongle.  I had not been able to get it to work with Bluetooth on my old PC (I believe it did not support LE), but I had the thought to try that on the NUC, and I was VERY pleasantly surprised to find out that it worked!  And so I had been using it without any trouble for the past two weeks.  However, today I had a hard lock up.  No idea what happened there yet, but it was not an application lockup...the entire system was haulted (no blue screen, though).  Anyway, since that time, I have no longer been able to get the mouse to work.  I am using Windows 7, and I know it does not have internal Bluetooth LE support (comes from the driver), but it was working just earlier today.  I have tried many things to get it back working, including poking around in the BIOS, reinstalling drivers, etc.  Anyone know what I need to do?  Thank you.