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    HD6000 power use


      I have been experimenting with my hd6000 graphics (on a 5250u chip installed in a NUC).  I have found that when "maximum battery life" is selected in the graphics control panel, the gt cores use around 2 watts of power or less (at around 450 MHz) during gaming (according to HWmonitor and GPU-Z).  I realize that I don't "need" to run my graphics in this mode, as my NUC is permanently plugged in to the wall, but I wanted to see what might happen if this processor were installed in a mobile device.  Interestingly, the framerates in my games seem to be about the same when running in "maximum battery life" mode as they are when running in "maximum performance mode".  For reference, max performance mode seems to use about 7 watts at 900-950 mhz.  Question:  Why would the graphics performance not decrease when running in battery mode?  Is my data inaccurate?  It doesn't seem to make sense that the gpu could perform the same in games at 2w and 450 MHz as it does at 7w and 950 mhz.  Thanks in advance to any insight that could be provided.


      BTW, the games that were tested include:


      -Battlefield 3

      -Crysis 3

      -Crysis 1

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          Hi infrasonic20hz,
          The NUC requires power constantly; the battery power option available in the operating system does not work with this kit.
          Now, the power option settings decreases power usage when the system is not requiring it, it is very useful when the system is on sleep mode, hibernation, or  simple applications such as Excel, Word.
          Mike C