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    Strangeness after updating NUC5i5ryh bios


      Okay. First of all, I finally got the BIOS for the NUC5i5ryh updated (from RY0350 to RY0355). The update process went well and everything seems to work okay. After the update I noticed something strange that I thought I might report.


      When the NUC is connected to the 43" Samsung TV, via HDMI, I am not able to access the BIOS. This is apparently because the BIOS does not recognize the screen format. I KNEW THAT BEFORE HAND, SO NO PROBLEM.  However, before the update, pressing F2 would essentially be ignored and the system would boot normally. Now, after the update, just on a whim I thought I would see if the BIOS would accept the F2 selection. So I pressed F2 on startup and the screen went blank, and stayed blank, for several minutes (> 3). The normal boot time has always been less than 30 seconds (I have a fairly slow HDD installed). So, I don't know if the BIOS had been accessed but just could not be displayed or if the system got into some locked up mode. I won't try again but thought someone might want to look into the matter.