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    Interfacing with the various sensors


      Hello All,


      I am currently trying to program my intel edison to interact with various sensors I have connected to the A0 and A1 ports of my board. I know how to code the task I want the edison to perform, but I am not sure what I have to do in order to send and receive data from the sensors, I want to interact with the light sensor and the LCD screen. Are there any special libraries or pin/port assignments that I have to make? If there is some reference material for this, could you pass it along to me?


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          Hi Melvin_Edwards_II,

          I recommend you to check the Arduino examples that are available in the Arduino IDE. You will find examples for analogue sensors and LCD displays. 

          For the analogue sensor, you can check the AnalogInOutSerial and AnalogInput examples. They are available under File>Examples>Analog.

          For the LCD display you can check the examples available under File>Examples>LiquidCrystal. You could start with the HelloWorld example.