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    Using the HD 530 through another GPU


      I want to use my HD 530 from the i5-6500 but my monitor only has VGA and I cannot connect it to the motherboard. I got a temporary Saphire AMD Radeon HD 6750 and the monitor is hooked up to it,for now. While this does work I was really looking forward to playing the new Need for Speed , and when I tested it with another monitor it worked, but the AMD card I have is not supported.


      What I want to know is :


      a) ( preferred option ) Can I use both GPUs in a SLI (Dont know if this is the correct term for a Intel/AMD setup) ?
      b) Having the HD 530 as the working GPU and the HD 6750 being the one the monitor is hooked up to, basically using the VGA output on it and not the GPU it self.



      Intel i5-6500

      Asus Z170-P D3

      16gb Kingston HyperX Fury 16gb (2x8GB)

      Saphire AMD Radeon HD 6750