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    HP m8067c Processor/CPU upgrade


      I have an HP m8067c Media Center Desktop PC that has just suffered a CPU cooling fan failure.  Since I'm going to have to get a new cooling fan, it begs the question--can I upgrade the CPU, too?


      The HP m8067c came with a LGA775 Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz CPU and I've already upgraded to 4Gb memory and Windows 7.  What CPU could I upgrade to and what would be required to do so (aside from merely removing the fan, the heatsink and the old CPU and replacing (in reverse order) the new components?


      I'm not looking for a huge endeavor--certainly just a remove/replace scenario is what I'm hoping for.  Any thoughts or suggestions from this community would be most appreciated.  Thanks for your help.              

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          The first thing you need to do is find out which CPUs are compatible with the motherboard. Majke sure to check BIOS versions too...

          Other than that you will just need to do what you said, take fan/heatsink off, replace CPU then put the fan/heatsoink back on!

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            The spec's on HP website say it support E6x00 chips, this gives you the option of E6700 or X6800.


            The chipset supports 45nm processors, but it's unlikly that the BIOS full supports them, if your happy to try a newer process it's likely to work, it's likly that the system will report the processor as unknown but work fine.