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    Intel compute stick does not work on sony bravia tv


      Product is:

      Intel Compute Stick  (BOXSTCK1A32WFCL)


      The product works on a small screen tv I have at my shop, however i got this to use on my home tv to watch youtube and netflix. it will not fireup on my home tv at all. It just gives a message of "UNSUPPORTED INPUT SIGNAL"

      so unless there is a fix for this, it is of zero use to me.

      the TV i have at home is as follows:

      Sony Bravia KLV-32S550A

      the exact wording on www.dicksmith.com.au listing starts off as follows:

      Transform any HDMI monitor or TV into a fully functional computer using this simple, plug and play compute stick.


      The Sony has two standard HDMI Ports, and i get the same error message from both ports. the stick is powered from the supplied cable and wallmounted USB power supply. and as mentioned all works fine in the shop TV HDMI, but i don't need one for that, I need it for the Sony Bravia, and it simply does not work in it. I see on intels support site that others have the same issue with same stick and same sony bravia TV, and there is no mention on there of any solution.

      Can you please advise how I can get this to work on the sony Bravia, since the product listing clearly states that it will work on Any HDMI TV.

      Looking forward to a solution ASAP


      Cheers And Good Fishing

      Colin Kerr

      Managing Director