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    CPU best choice




      In attempt of wanting to build my own PC I am wanting to find out what is it I really need in terms of a CPU.  The use of the computer will be to run a Virtual Lab (Cisco) as well as other Virtual Machines.  For example: I would like to run Linux and Windows at the same time.  Just switch from one to another by the click on a window -no reboot-.  The use for each operating system will just be for most part regular browsing (emails, news, youtube, etc). I don't game.@


      With this being said, I am rather confused as of what CPU I should go for.  I am pretty sure I should go for either an i5 or i7; but there are so many different types within that I am confused, hence the questions below for more clarity:


      I have taken a screenshot with an arrow on what I am not sure:


         1. 4690K?

         2. 88W?

         3. L2/L3 Cache?