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    no screensaver/dimm in android application



      I am using Remote Keyboard 32bit with Atom Z3735, and overall it is quite good. Works smoothly comparing to other remotes and does not consume lot of memory what is important for low end systems. But there are a few disadvanteges in android application:

      -the application prevents the phone display to dimm/switch off which drains batterry a lot

      -if manually switch the phone to sleep/display off, the application disconnects and then have to be reconnected again

      -pairing process with QR codes prevents from use on android devices without rear camera.

      (android 4.4.2)


      BTW, I tried 64bit version on Win10  i7-2700K, with no luck. Even if I was able to pair devices there is no connection after reboot. And the application takes much more memory.