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    Intel i7-6700k temperature


      Hello, i recently purchased new pc with i7-6700k,  Asus Z-170a motherboard and Coolermaster 212x EVO. I didn't overclock it, running stock speed with turbo boost enabled. My motherboard was setting CPU core voltage at 1.416 V, i thought it was too much so i manual set it to 1,216V .I stress tested my cpu with AIDA 64 (Stress CPU, Stress FPU enabled at same time) CPU temp was about 56-57 C, cores about 67-69(Checked in aida). While gaming(witcher 3 max settings, cs go)  i check my temps with RealTemp 3.70, it shows max core temp at 65, but in RealTemp log it shows never more than 60, most is 45-55, idle temps are about 24-30. Are these temps fine or should i look for better cooler?

      I attached RealTemplog, AIDA  stress test starts at 05/28/16  09:30:55. Other is gaming or watching streams, surfing sites. Sorry for my bad english.