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    multiple display priority favors HDMI over DVI and can't switch back from HDMI to DVI


      Xeon® Processor E3-1245 v5 w/P530 graphics,, Win 7 pro/x64, driver win64_154022.4424


      Usually I run a DVI output to a monitor that has no HDMI capability. I tried to do HDMI/audio out to a stereo unit while continuing to run the  DVI monitor connection. The DVI monitor goes blank until I unplug the HDMI connector. I've dragged the mouse from one end to the other and can't  get  the  DVI display to appear. Of course, when the HDMI connector is unplugged, all the graphics interfaces (Intel and Windows 7) tell me there's only one display and there's no apparent way to configure the HDMI as the second monitor.


      On another system also win 7/pro x64 that has a E3-1246 v3, the data port connection also takes priority over DVI but it doesn't interfere with HDMI and/or audio out on other devices.

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