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    D945GCLF2 Bios update checksum error


      Hello, I used the express Bios update LF94510J.86A for my desktop board,




      and during the process when the screen went black I saw a line saying checksum error 0, I went into the bios setting page and checked that the bios has been successfully updated, but I just want to make sure the error is not a problem, thanks.

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          If you don;t have any problem with the manchine, you may ignore this error message. It may indicate that there is no error, this is why it is called "Checksum Error 0" - 0 for no error


          I know on another tool for raid on Intel (R) Server, 0 means no error. I am not sure for this one.


          However, i cannot see any serious implications from this link below:



          If you do encounter any problem, try a bios recovery.



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