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    Is it possible to use a UMTS Surfstick with an intel compute stick and is it possible to automatically shut down and reboot the stick once a day?




      I want to install a compute stick in the field to read Data from a Datalogger and send it once a day via mobile internet to my office email address. Since I have limited energy supply in the field I want the stick to only operate once a day for a couple of minutes.


      Hence I have several questions:


      1) Is it possible to connect a UMTS surfstick to a compute stick?

      2) Is it possible to automatically reboot und shut down the compute stick once a day?

      3) Is it possible to install any Software on the compute stick, that can also be installed on a normal desktop PC (I have to install the small software to run the datalogger, this is why I am asking for)


      Many thanks in advance,