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    NUC6I5SYK Display Driver Stopped Responding


      I've been having some issues after installing Windows 10 on my i5 (6260U) NUC.


      Everything works correctly until I install the graphics drivers, at which point the system locks up every 5-10 seconds with the 'Display driver stopped responding' message.


      So far I've tried:


      • Rebooting
      • Installing via Windows update
      • Installing via Intel's driver update utility
      • Installing manually
      • Updating / installing all other drivers first
      • Reinstalling Windows
      • Updating the BIOS


      With no luck, I can't try the beta driver because the installer reports that it isn't compatible with my CPU.


      Reverting to the standard Microsoft driver resolves the issue but yields terrible performance.


      Has anyone else had this problem or have any ideas for other things I could try?