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    Laptop won't wake up after sleep; could be a driver issue


      I have an ASUS x555u and was getting BSODs that said 'video scheduler internal error' when playing games. I looked it up and apparently it's an issue with the intel graphics driver, so I updated and the computer no longer crashes.

      What it does do however is refuse to wake up when I close the lid or leave it idle. If I press the power button I can see the screen flicker from its 'off' black to a black screen made by the computer (I hope that makes sense) and it makes its regular noises when turning on but gives up after about 30 secs. The only time I can successfully wake it up is if it's been asleep for a long time, like +5 hours. If it went to sleep whilst playing music, I can hear the music play when I try to wake it up, so it could be an issue with the monitor.

      This didn't happen before I updated the drivers; I tried to install them again using the intel driver update app but nothing changed. I know very little about drivers and how they work and would appreciate any help anyone could offer.