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    Send message from edison to android phone.


      Hello everyone,

           I am working on an Edison module from the last few weeks. I'm trying to send a simple string from Edison module to android phone or vice versa. I worked on few

      below links but could not able to get solved.

                     1)  RFCOMM sockets  (referred other programs on the website) with Bluetooth | Android Developers ConnectThread

                     2) Bluetooth Client/Server Communication

                     3) Re: Has anyone passed data from Edison to a phone via Bluetooth?

                     4) IoT - Connecting the Intel® Edison board to your Android* Phone with Serial Port Profile (SPP) | Intel® Software in this case, android app get disconnected whenever I select "communication mode".


        And I'm trying to figure it out and searching for:

                     1) How to verify rfcomm socket is opened and listening?

                     2) Is edison and android devices needed to be paired already or pairing is not needed

                     3) Any more specific references that can help me to understand what I'm doing wrong or  any steps to get it done.

                     4) Any other ways to solve it. 


      Thanks in advance for help.