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    Can't remote to Intel AMT WebUI from Windows 10 based workstations


      Hi Support,


      We are in the process of deploying Intel AMT to all our end points.


      • We use Intel SCS 11 (the latest which is compatible with ConfigMgr 1511)
      • We are provisioning the computers using the ConfigMgr Task Sequence
      • Everything work but connecting to https://FQDN:16993 using Windows 10 based workstations


      I know when you use a Windows 7 based workstation, there is a registry key to set in order to be able to use the integrated Windows Authentication with AD for WebUI... The registry key is:

      • Dword: iexplore.exe = 1


      This is great as it works on Windows 7 workstation... the problem that we are having is our customer is in the progress of migrating to Windows 10 and that registry key tweak does not work with Windows 10 based computer which is creating us big headache.


      Does anyone of you have the solution to let us login to https://FQDN:16993 using Windows 10 based computer.


      Our IE in Windows 10 has the "Enable Integrated Windows Authentication" box checked.



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          Intel Corporation
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          For the Intel® AMT you will get better support at the following link:
          A registered Intel account is required when accessing the BizSupport portal.  Users will have to register once, then use that log in each time they access the portal. Access to BizSupport also requires customer enrollment so the users will be asked to fill out a brief questionnaire the first time they enter.  Once this data is captured, the customer will not have to enroll again. There they will be able to track the status of their tickets and view a history of past tickets.