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    can i install 12gb ram (8gb + 4gb) on DH61HO?


      I would like to know whether I can install 12gb RAM (8gb + 4gb) on DH61HO.
      RAM Specifications: DDR3 4GB 1333MHz 1.5v ; DDR3 8GB 1333MHz 1.5v

      If so

      4GB RAM is installed in DIMM 2 (Channel B DIMM1). Then is DIMM 2 is primary slot?
      Should I install 8GB ram in DIMM 2 and 4GB in DIMM 1 or vise versa?
      What difference could it make?


      Other details
      OS: Windows 10 Pro
      Processor: 2nd Gen Intel Core i3-2100 CPU @ 3.10GHz
      System Type: 64bit operating system, x64 based Processor

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          Your processor supports two independent memory channels. On this board, there is a single slot for each channel. The concept of a primary slot only applies if there are two slots for each channel (in a way, you could say that both of the slots that you have are primary slots). While the voltages of the DIMMs in the two channels must be the same (the board has only a single voltage regulator for memory), the sizes of the DIMMs in each channel are independent and may be different.


          Bottom line, for your particular board: (a) your DIMMs may be different sizes and (b) your DIMMs may be installed in either order (there will be no difference in operation or performance).



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            Thank you.

            I have tried installing 4gb ram in dimm 1

            But my PC didn't start. Then I tried installing it in dimm 2 it worked.

            And i have 1 rear usb port not working .

            Will it be a motherboard problem ?

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              Was this with the 8gb stick (also) installed or just this 4gb stick by itself? If standalone, this shouldn't happen. As for the USB port not working, this would be a hardware failure if truly the case.


              Have you updated the BIOS to the latest available? If not, I would suggest that you do so. The instructions you need to be aware of can be found here:


              BIOS Update Instructions for Desktop Boards

              Recovery BIOS Update Instructions for Intel Desktop Boards

              Updating the BIOS to Support 3rd Generation Intel Core Processors


              Even though you might not have a 3rd generation processor and not need support for it, updating to the latest available BIOS will also get you all sorts of BIOS fixes and improvements. Some of these may be related to memory operation...


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                so can i update my bios to 3rd generation.
                will the existing processor of 2nd generation work on it?

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                  Yes, of course 2nd generation processors are still supported.


                  The only negative to upgrade affects folks who are overclocking their processor. The 3rd generation Core processors do not support all of the same "knobs" (methods and parameters) for implementing overclocking. When a common BIOS supporting both 2nd and 3rd generation Core processors was introduced, some folks complained that this BIOS restricted the amount of overclocking that could be done with their 2nd generation Core processors. This was certainly true but, because of the BIOS design, it proved too costly to try and bring these additional knobs back into play. Understand that I am talking about the extreme overclockers who are trying to eke out every possible performance increase; the basic overclocker still has the same capabilities that they have always had (those reading this that take exception to my classification are identifiable as those that fall into the extreme category; no, I am not going to debate this with you).


                  In your case (lower-end motherboard and lower-end Core processor), I rather doubt that this is an issue. I am thinking that you are more interested in prioritizing bug fixes and (other) feature improvements.


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