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    Windows 7 power and screensaver do not initiate.


      I've insatalled Win 7 as an updat then as a clean install. The preset settings or changes I've made to these setttings do not work.  These problems existed before I installed any additiona programs,l  and are in the same state now.  I've reset all my settings to default after numerous suggestion fixes I received from Microsoft with no resolutions.I had VISTA on this computer, with no problems. I am running a Intel DG35PR motherboard with an E4600 2.4ghz processor with 4gb of memory.  I am using a Maxtor 250 hard drive.Could anyone let me know if their is anyting that Intel could suggest. Thanks for your input   rossi812

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          Have you downloaded the Windows 7 drivers for all of your devices?  Sometimes sketchy drivers will prevent the OS from entering

          screensaver mode or there might be a "minor conflict" that prevents powering down of device.


          Set your screen saver to go on in "1" minute so you can quickly test this.  Wait 1 minute and see what happens.  If Screensaver doesn't enable, make sure that it works by


          Right click desktop -> Personalize -> ScreenSaver -> Preview


          It should work.  If not, reply here with error msg. if any.


          So, get the updates from Windows update.... if problem persists, see if device vendors mention this as a problem in their documentation. (IE Mouse vendor website, etc)  Be sure to update any BETA drivers!


          If this doesn't work or there are no updates, then try Device Manager -> Mice and other pointing devices -> Properties -> Power management ->uncheck Allow the computer to turn off device to save power.


          Try for other devices too like network adapters, etc.