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    Scaling of app display in Dell XPS 13


      I have a Dell XPS 13 display driver (Beta but I also had this issue with all drivers to date)


      I have a scaling issue.

      - If I boot my machine not connected to a monitor, all apps are scaled correctly within the laptop screen,

      - Once I connect it to a Monitor, the scaling for some apps doesn't adjust.

      - To resolve, if I want to work with external monitor, I need to to reboot my machine WHILE CONNECTED TO AN EXTERNAL MONITOR to ensure that the scaling of the apps correctly adjusts for the external monitor.

      - Same happens if I go back to laptop screen if I unplug the external monitor ie the resolution is far too small in some apps and I have to reboot the laptop to get correct scaling back for apps in laptop screen.


      I HATE THAT I HAVE TO REBOOT TO DO THIS. Is there not a way without rebooting to 'reset' scaling for a display. Below image is an example of the scaling issue. IE is scaled poorly and Firefox is properly scaled.