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    DP55WG sound features


      I am about to buy this motherboard but I am trying to get some confirmations about the codec used.

      A lot of vendors advertise this board as capable of Dolby Digital Live. Some reviews of other boards with the ALC889 codec mention that this specific codec is NOT capable of that, only the ALC889a is capable. Both Dolby and Realtek mention the feature as a software features. Nothing is mentioned on Intel's website.

      My question is:

      Would anyone running Windows 7 64 and Intel drivers for the sound* be kind enough to check if the option appears in the "advanced" tab of the "realtek digital output properties". To get there, just right click on your volume icon, click "Playback devices", double-click "realtek digital output properties" then go to Advanced. There, check the drop-down list if there is an item called "Dolby Digital Live (5.1 surround)".


      Also, on Intel's website it is mentioned that this board supports Dolby Home Theater. That should include Dolby Headphone.


      Could anyone also running Windows 7 64 and Intel sound drivers* check if Dolby Headphone is present on the "Speakers" in the "playback devices" list? To get there, right click on the volume icon, then "Playback devices" then double click "Speakers" then check if there is a "Dolby" tab and if there is an option "Dolby Headphone" there.




      *it has to be the drivers from Intel as opposed to generic Realtek drivers because according to Dolby website, Dolby Home Theather is licensed to the motherboard manufaturer, not the CODEC manufacturer.