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    checkdisk during raid reconstruction




      my hard drive had a mechanical failure during raid reconstruction.


      Using Intel matrix storage manager, it took 2 weeks to construct the RAID 5 logical drive from the disk with original data.


      This disk crashed after 10 days and the computer rebooted and initiated a checkdisk.


      intel manager poped up saying the logical RAID 5 drive needed to resync


      When i opend the drive the main folder was empty.


      I am going to ask professional services to recover my data, however i m wondering if i need to pay full price for data recovery on the RAID 5 array or just on the faulty drive ?


      My question being, does Intel manager rewrites data on the original disk during RAID 5 creation ?


      when i load the 2 spare disks it fails to load the logical drive.


      Thanks for your opinion.