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    HD 530 black screen and flicker - also in BIOS


      I also have the same issue with black screen and flickering with the HD 530, as numerous others. This is not my video, but a good illustration on the symptoms:



      In this video the user boots the OS right away, but I have the same problems even without the OS (in fact not any drives at all). There is a lot of discussion on trying to solve this with OS-drivers. However, as this also happens in BIOS it seems as this is not related to the OS-drivers at all. All I have to do is to enter BIOS, and then just click on menu items or random scrolling, and the screen will randomly turn blank from 2-8 seconds - and occasionally it will stay blank and I will have to reboot to get the picture back. If I try to boot a Windows 7 installation disk from USB, I will also get the vertical stripes when displaying the first progress bar ("Windows is loading files..."), and I suspect this also is before the drivers are loaded.


      Based on this I cannot understand how OS-drivers could resolve an issue that happens before the OS is even loaded.


      Here are the (most relevant) components:

      CPU: i7 6700K (no OC)

      MB: Asus Maximus VIII Gene

      RAM: G.Skill Trident Z DDR4 PC25600/3200MHz CL14 (tried both default 1.2V/2133MHz and 1.35/3200MHz using XMP)

      PSU: Corsair AX760