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    Bluetooth only works after restart


      Laptop: Lenovo Flex 3 1470

      OS: Windows 10 pro x64

      Card: AC-3160

      Driver: 18.40.0


      I have this strangest issue with my Lenovo Flex 3 1470. My built in bluetooth receiver only turns on when i restart windows. If I shut off windows completly and then turn it back on again, bluetooth doesnt work. The icon is dissapeared from the action center and from the device manager. In this state (with laptop on and bluetooth not working), if I restart windows (through start>on/off>restart) the bluetooth device suddenly becomes available upon rebooting. And it works completly stable with all connected devices. I don't want to restart my laptop every time I want to use a bluetooth device.


      I have tried several things, a clean windows 10 installation, some energy on and off switches in device manager and many different kind of drivers. I even tried replacing the card with a ac7265, but when i did this WiFi worked and bluetooth entirely didnt work nor did it show up in device manager. I waisted money in a effort to fix this strange bluetooth problem,  i guess.


      Ideas anyone?

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello wkrisn,

          As we understand, the Bluetooth* component of your Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 3160 stops functioning and you have to reboot your PC for it to recover.

          Here are few recommendations that can help you with this condition:

          - Contact the Computer Manufacturer Support and update the BIOS of your PC.

          - Make sure you are using the recommended Bluetooth driver from Lenovo Support, as second option, you can use the generic version of Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software for Bluetooth® technology for Windows® 10

          - Manage the Advanced Power Plan Settings of your PC, and make sure that the Wireless Adapter is set to Maximum Performance, when plugged in and on battery.

          - Go to Device Manager, under Bluetooth Radios, look for the Intel® Wireless Bluetooth* and open the properties. Go to the "Power Management" tab and toggle Off/On the option "Allow the computer to turn off this devices to save power". Then check if the behavior changes.

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            The bluetooth component is not functioning when i first start the laptop. That is the basic consistent output. Every morning when i start up laptop, bluetooth doesn't work. If the laptop already is on, I can do two procedures:


            1) First boot, laptop on and bluetooth not working > startbutton taskbar > on/off > restart; -> this results in laptop restarting and bluetooth component becomming available.

            2) First boot, laptop on and bluetooth not working > startbutton taskbar > on/off > shutdown > manually press power button to start laptop; -> results in laptop on and bluetooth component not available.


            As for the solutions, I have already contacted Lenovo. It seems that i am the only one with this problem. Nothing they can do for me, since I am on the latest bios firmware. Also tried Lenovo driver and generic driver. I have also changed the powerplan and power management settings, these options did not work.

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              Intel Corporation
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              Hello wkrisn,

              If the computer manufacturer confirmed that this issue has not been reported by other users, then it is possible that something in your PC is not working correctly, and they would be the best resource to help you resolve it.

              In our best effort, here are some additional things that you can check as they often help with power on/off issues:

              - Check the BIOS settings of you PC, and disable Fastboot, or other similar technologies.

              - Disable Fast Startup in Windows® 10 System Settings. Here is an external link that explains how to do this:
              *NOTE: These links are being offered for your convenience and should not be viewed as an endorsement by Intel of the content, products, or services offered there.



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                Holy cow, this thing worked!! By disabling the fast startup option (provided in the link), the bluetooth component works all the time. Really appreciate the help, had this problem for over a half year. How is it possible that the fast startup affects the bluetooth component, can you explain this?


                Also, since I have already bought the ac7265 card, do you think the bluetooth component now will work with the fast startup option disabled? I must say that the bluetooth component never worked with this card, restart or shut down didn't matter. Only the WiFi worked. Is it possible that this malfunctioning is due to bios problems. Or if the bios would not recognize the hardware component, WiFi also would not work, meaning that since WiFi works it could be a software related problem?

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                  Intel Corporation
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                  I am glad to know that our recommendations helped you resolve this issue. As you can see in the link provided before, and other websites that talk about this, Fast startup uses different Power saving states to achieve faster boot times. This may cause power on/off issues in different components as it did in your case.

                  About the 7265 adapter, we do not support custom integration of Intel® wireless adapters. We strongly advise to contact the computer manufacturer to determine which adapters are supported by your PC and to obtain and install the replacement with their authorized service providers. Having said that, it would be your decision in case you want to try this adapter in your computer, however, we can't guarantee that this will work well in all cases.