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    Nuc 5i5ryh ethernet card /reset?



      After a power outage my ethernet card remains with a solid green light even without a uplink connected to the eth port,i checked the board to see if there signs of burn circuits but couldn'find nothing strange,the os used on nuc is a windows 10 (using it with plex for media services..) i can see the os in bios and even in windows but i cant seem to start it,because windows marks it with the triangle that he cant activate the card. I tryid doing a bios update,ethernet card update and rollback of the bios version and ethernet drivers,tryid booting the nuc with a live ubuntu distro and tryid  using ethtool but couldnt see the ethernet card.


      I would appreciate some advises from someone more capable than me,


      Sorry for the bad writeing.




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          Hi Sebastian,


          Are you saying the green light stays on even with no cable connected? Or just when there's nothing on the other end? What do the lights do when it's connected to a switch or router?  Have you tried a different cable? What bios are you running?


          Some basic things you can try:


          Go into the bios and disable the onboard NIC, then do a complete shutdown and restart.  Is the light still green?

          In Windows, go to Device Manager and uninstall the adapter, then allow Windows to redetect it.

          Download and install the latest ethernet driver.


          Let me know the results.





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            Thanks for the reply,ur right i didnt describe my problem very well,

            Yes the green lights of the ethernet card stays always on even without plugging any rj45 cable,the ethernet card powers on with the green lights directly when i put the power cable in the intel nuc.

            I tryed to disable the nic card from the bios to see if the nic card stil powers with the green lights but nothing change.

            I tryid updating ethernet drivers and downgrading them throgh version 18.0 ;20,0 & the latest 20.7 with the setup installer and .inf files directly completly removing them before the update/downgrade process.

            The bios version is 0355/latest but tryid older versions also.


            In windows i can see the nic in the device manager section but cant activate it tryid also installing with the windows driver signature enforcement disabled

            No luck till now, for the moment im using usb3.0 gigabit ethernet nic.


            I dont think that ethernet nic card is completly broken but just a matter of resetting the counters/stats

            Any suggestions are more than welcome




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              Hi Sebastian,


              So you're saying that with the ethernet disabled in the bios when you turn the unit on the green light comes on immediately? I could be wrong but that sounds like a hardware issue.  I'll let the Intel folks chime in, but it's not normal hardware behavior. Are you able to boot into Linux from a USB stick?  If so how does the ethernet adapter behave in Linux?



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                hi Jason,

                Yes i know its strange that the lights stays on even after disabling it from the bios.

                I will try tonight as u adviced to boot the system from a live distro and try trobleshooting from there,im thinking also to try clearing the cmos


                Thank for ur help




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                  Clearing CMOS was one of the things I was going to suggest, but not until we exhausted other possibilities...just because it's a pain to remove the board from the case.

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                    Hi tecg87,
                    Try with the last troubleshooting offered by jasonNUC (post 5); if problem continues get in touch with our support team and request for replacement.
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