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    Linux kernel 3.16.0-30 on Galileo Gen 2


      Hey everybody,


      I have a small project where I am required to interface with a piece of touch foil. This foil was intended to be used with a desktop operating system, and the drivers I have are for kernel version 3.16.0-30. I have both 32 and 64 bit versions of the drivers. If I put debian on an SD card, would I be able to get this version of the kernel on the galileo through the normal repositories? If not, I assume I can compile it myself, although I'm certain that it would take a good amount of time. Also, the drivers I was given state that they are for ubuntu 14.04.02. I'd assume that these drivers would work with debian, since ubuntu is based on debian after all. Is this project possible with the galileo, or will I need to search for something else? Thanks.