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    Embedded SCSI Sata raid not available for Windows


      1st time poster...I'll apologize upfront is this is the wrong group. My hospital has inherited a server (motherboard appears to be SE7320SP2) from a defunct clinic. I'm throwing out the previous scsi configs and building new. In case it matters, I have a SRCS16 controller that was configured in the original setup. I've removed it so I can activte the embedded sata raid but I will be putting it back. That seemed to go well once I enabled the embedded slots in the BIOS. I have one logical Raid1 80gb drive comprising of two 80gb drives. I've initialized it using the embedded raid setup. However, that drive is not available to choose in the BIOS boot priority however, during the boot, the screen displays the two drives (port 1 and 2) and a logical drive. Obvilously, Windows will not recognize that drive either. I have downloaded what I believe to be the proper W2K3 sata drivers from Intel's download site to use and the Windows "3rd party" driver. The ulitmate goal is to have one Raid1 OS drive (embedded) and a five Raid5 data drive (SRCS16). Until I can get the server's bios to recognize the drive created from the embedded raid software, I'm at a stand still.

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          Firstly, i have never used this board, but i will try to see if i can help on this.


          Create a RAID 1 on 2 hdds using the Onboard Controller.


          Connect the two HDDs on the first two sata ports.
          Go into the BIOS,
          Configure the drive as RAID.
          Save and Exit


          Once the POST loads, Press Ctrl + E to go onto the RAID Bios Oprom.


          Go to Management Menu >> Configure >> Press enter to Select this Option


          Configuration Menu >> New Configuration >> Press enter to Select this Option


          Yes >> Press enter to Select this Option


          New Configuration from Array Selection Menu
          0 - Ready - Press Space to Select this drive - It will change to Online Axx-xx
          1 - Ready - Press Space to Select this drive - It will change to Online Axx-xx


          Then Press F10 to configure the RAID
          Then Press Space to Select the Configurable Array (It will show Span -X)
          Then press F10 again to configure it


          Choose the RAID level for this Virtual Drive
          Select the RAID 0/1/5
          Press enter to choose the appropriate settings
          Accept and Press enter to save COnfiguration
          Select Yes to continue


          Press F3 to view your Virtual Drive configuration


          Then if everything is fine, go to Initialise
          Press Space to Select the VD
          Press F10 to initialise it (Note this process will erase everything on the drive)
          Save and Exit.


          More information can be found on these link:


          Make sure you slipstreamed the raid F6 driver if you are using Windows XP/2003 etc if Windows vista/2008/7, download the driver onto a USB and load the driver.


          F6 Driver:
          Note: This file can be extraxted using Winrar for example.


          Now if your system does not come with an internal floppy disk drive, otherwise use a software to slipstream the driver and thus creating a new OS already integrated with the F6 drivers. Make a new Bootable ISO image and burn it on a CD.
          Software like Nlite allows you to do this.


          Check this website for Nlite:


          Burn the new OS image onto a CD
          Install the OS
          Install all the required drivers and utilities from the Intel Website.


          Second Aim:
          Create a RAID 5 using the SRCS16 Intel (R) Raid Controller.


          Connect your 5 hdds from raid controller to the drive connector.
          Press Ctrl + G to enter the raid oprom bios.


          Create your RAID 5.
          Save and Exit.


          Refer to this link for drivers, utilities, manual, compatibility.


          All the best,


          Kind Regards,

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            Aryan. Thank you for this. When I searched for "embedded sata raid drivers", the driver that you pointed me to was not a result of my search. I used your recommendation and I was able to get Windows installed. However, the 2nd hard drive LED never lit up during the Windows install and beyond even though I had chosen "span x" during the raid configuration. Is there a Windows software that I can install to verify that both drives are truly connected and mirrored?

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              Thank you Aryan for the quick response. I have confirmed that the "F6" driver initially downloaded by me was wrong and the driver he pointed me to was correct.