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    pygattlib and boost


      Hey everyone,


      I'm trying to get pygattlib working so I can have an easy python interface for prototyping gatt servers on my Edison. I know there are a few different boost dependencies https://bitbucket.org/OscarAcena/pygattlib/src/a858e8626a93cb9b4ad56f3fb980a6517a0702c6/DEPENDS?at=default&fileviewer=file-view-default, and I cant quite figure out how to get them all resolved. I've got all the boost and boost-dev packages installed via opkg, but when i try to (pip install gattlib), it's telling me that the ld program can't find "lboost-python". Now, I've gone thru the packages on opkg the ones i have installed, and i can find any reference to the boost-python libs. Is this something I am going to need to build myself, or can we get it added to the package repo? It's weird, because i've googled edison gattlib and no one seems to have had problems like mine installing it, but then the libs i need are not in the repo so i don't know how other people got it installed. I also had to add the gcc quadmath header to the linker myself which seemed like an odd thing. I would also welcome a manual build process outside of pip if that's an option somehow. Sorry, my linux knowledge is small but growing.