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    Intel Marie Module | India

      Hi Intel I am a recent business graduate. I am interested in developing devices based on Intel Marie module. Now since I don’t have much info in this field, I have a couple of questions lined up for you. 1>Does module mean the processor or the architecture/design, these processors will be based on? 2>How soon is the next generation of processors based upon this platform are expected to be launched and if not? 3>What is the name of this processor, is it called Marie or something else? 4>What is the price of this processor in INR? 5>Is it available for sales/shipping in India? If so, kindly share the details. 6>Can I develop motherboards for this processor, suited to my product specifications? What additional permissions do I require for the same? 7>I am planning to use this on Genuino 101 for now, how soon are you planning to launch other boards? 8>Can you please mail me the manual with all technical specifications required for development purposes for this processor?
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          You can find all the available information regarding the Intel Curie Module in the following links:

          Intel® Curie™ Module and Intel® IQ Software Fact Sheet

          Intel® Curie™ Module: Unleashing Wearable Computing Innovation


          -With module,  it means a platform with different features and capabilities like motion sensors, Bluetooth Low Energy, battery charging capabilities and others. The module has a low power, 32-bit Intel Quark™ SE SOC.

          -As the documentation above states “This device has not been authorized as required by the rules of the Federal Communications Commission. This device is not, and may not be, offered for sale or lease, or sold or leased, until authorization is obtained”. So there isn’t an official launch date for this yet.

          -The name of the module actually is Intel® Curie™ Module

          -The module is not on sale yet, due to this it doesn’t have a price yet

          -Although the Genuino 101 board has the Curie Module, the Genuino 101 is an Arduino’s board. I suggest you to contact Arduino for more information regarding when or how soon are they planning (or not) to launch another board.

          -I suggest you to contact Arduino for the manuals and other documentation you need regarding the Genuino101.