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    Intel 750 SSDPEDMW400G4 Not Detected When RAM Not Running in SPD


      When I try to run my DDR4 at the rated/tested speed of 3200 the motherboard no longer sees my PCIe SSD (only drive I have installed and has Windows 10 on it).  It's the same when I try XMP or manually setting the timings and voltage to 1.35.  Everything works fine if the RAM runs at standard stock speed of 2133.


      I have the following:


      • MSI Z170A SLI PLUS latest bios 1.40
      • Intel 750 Series 400GB PCIe SSD Part Number SSDPEDMW400G4 - I just updated it to the latest firmware as well
      • G.Skill TridentZ 3200 16 GB Part Number F4-3200C14D-16GTZ (G.Skill site lists this board as compatible)
      • Intel i7 6700k
      • Nvida GTX 680 x2 (SLI)


      Everything is running stock, I'm just trying to run RAM at rated speeds.  I also tested OC genie and was able to get 4.4 easily.  I ran Prime 95 and HCI Memtest for 12+ hours stock.  If I try any other RAM speed that's not 2133, the bios fails to see the PCIe SSD.  However, when it goes back to stock it sees it just fine.


      Any ideas?