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    can cron cause code execution on the arduino


      I bought a Galileo gen 2 with hope to use cron to schedule simple arduino power switching and sensor reads. Background: I'm doing this to be able to take a vacation while keeping the garden fed.  Now, I'm needed every day to mix four chemicals and check pH (by hand) to make 10-15 gallons of nutrient for the already too-expensive tomatoes.  Quitting here would be to admit defeat.


      I'm more comfortable writing the logic in a linux environment than managing layers of interrupts on the arduino, or communication and coordination between multiple simpler arduinos.  I've found many examples of arduino code accessing linux facilities -- mostly file reads -- but none where linux causes execution on the arduino.  Sure, I suppose I could write strings to a linux file, have the arduino read the file and execute local code, but I thought there would be something better than polling for a file change. 


      Any pointers to examples would be appreciated