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    Display can't fit 1920x1080 resolution


      I've just bought  a new Nuc and installed Windows 10 it.

      The NUC will be used as a media player and the monitor is a Samsung tv with a normal resolution of 1920x1080 60 Hz.

      I have two other devices connected to the tv an xbox One through  HDMI3 and a HTPC also running windows 10 through HDMI2.

      All run fine at 1920x1080 at 60Hz.

      The NUC's gaphics adapter has also set this as the default resolution.  However , the screen items fall outside the screendisplay area.

      The widnows start logo is so far to the left it can't be clicked on and the task bar only shows 50% of it's height.

      The recycling bin can be seen just off the top left of the screen.

      How can adjust the display so that it fits correctly onto the monitor at this resolution.


      I've used Intel's driver utility to download  the latest drivers with no change.

      How can this be resolved ?