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    Intel D5400XS Skulltrail with recent graphics cards?


      Hello together,


      I am fiddling around with some quite old Intel Desktop-Board, the D5400XS "Skulltrail".
      I love this board so much, since it was my "dream" as a child, but i could never afford it. So i bought one some months ago and started a case- and system-modding project like "Anno 2008: Skulltrail in 2016?"


      This project is nearly finished, but i ran into trouble with two major points:


      - The board won't let me upgrade to Windows 10, because it says my CPUs (2x Intel X5470) are not supporting "CompareExchange128", which has something to do with the 64bit-support (?). Indeed, the CPUs are supporting this operation, on the one hand because Intel is listing those as compatible in the specification sheet and these CPUs are running Windows 10 quite well in another mainboard. This seems to be some BIOS-related issue?


      - I want to combine this system with a recent graphics card, the Powercolor Radeon R9 390 PCS+ 8GB (tested in another PC and running well). When the graphics card is installed, all is running fine but the system does not recognize any system drive anymore?! There are two SSDs in my system and they are not deteced anymore after this graphics card is installed. Because of this, booting is not possible anymore. With the previously installed card, a Sapphire Radeon R9 270X, everything is running fine including SSD detection. How can that be possible? Those two cards are similiar on chip-level so why does the one card run and the other one does not? 


      Can those two problems be adressed with a BIOS-Update? Is anyone able to do this for me? The latest BIOS-version is already installed so there is no possibility for me to continue without having someone being able to program an update here...
      I would love to get this machine running...


      Thank you so much in advance for your thoughts and your help!


      With best regards from Germany,

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          First of all, this board is not supported for Windows 10. It is long past its end-of-life date, so no active support of its BIOS is occurring (and, since Intel exited the Desktop Boards business a few years ago, none is possible; there simply isn't a team to do the work). You are not going to be able to find Windows 10 drivers on its download page (though the Microsoft compatibility drivers should support it and you may find some applicable Windows 10 drivers elsewhere in the Download Center (they aren't on the download page for this board because they were never validated with it and Intel won't show then unless they are)). If you are running the latest available BIOS and you have enabled all VT-related options in BIOS Setup and the issue remains, you may be out of luck. I remember hearing some talk about a third-party BIOS being developed, but this was years ago and I do not know what happened with that effort.


          The older a board is - and yours is almost nine years old and seven/eight processor/chipset generations out of date - the more the compatibility issues that crop up with later hardware. There are compatibility issues (especially with graphics boards) with motherboards that are only three or four generations out of date, so no surprise to me that you are seeing these issues (though none before that connected SSD detection issues with graphics card - this (also) presents an explanation for another customer's issue that I couldn't resolve). While I feel for you, there is nothing to be done. The Desktop Boards business is gone; folks from the team have either moved on to other parts of Intel (or, like me, retired) or they are now concentrating on the replacement (my description, not Intel's) NUC and Intel Compute Stick (ICS) products.


          It's depressing to see issues like this occurring. We on the team that developed this board had a lot of fun developing it. We broke through a lot of barriers doing so and a lot of performance improvements in later board generations resulted from this board's development (sigh!)...


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            Hello Mr Pearson,


            thank you so much for your explanations and your answer. I really appreciate your and your former colleagues work, this and all the other Intel mainboards are insanely great work! I am paying so much respect to your 35 years of business experience as a software developer, thank you so much for the products. As i understand that there is no further development (what is very sad) anymore.


            I know the board is far far EOL, but concerning the Windows 10-issue it is somehow driving me crazy, because there adre indeed people out there who are running Windows 10 with their Skulltrail-systems. I tried contacting this particular person, but there was no answer. The information that there were plans of developing a third-party-BIOS is very exciting. Is there any possibility to get into contact with the person you heard that from?
            I would love to at least hear the story behind it, even if it was not developed to the end.


            Concerning the graphics-card-problem, i am just wondering how a R9 270X (which is Curacao GCN-chip) is working flawlessly (even in Crossfire-mode!) and a R9 390 is not (even if it is "just" a refresh with a basically very similiar chip).
            I can't really believe that the problem with the drive recognition is really connected to the card, even if it seems to be...


            As you can see, I am not really ready to give up here, especially because there is so much time and money spend into the system (you find some pics under the text).
            Probably i will have to try a R9 290X if the 390 is not running... i definately need more power there. As one wouldn't expect, the performance (CPU-wise) of Skulltrail is really great nowadays, because the concept of multi-core and multi-threading you guys picked up nine years ago is more alive today than ever before. Rise of the Tomb Raider, Crysis 3, Battlefront - all running really great thanks to eight physical CPU-cores

            I understand that the chance to get this fnished is very tiny, but nevertheless...


            Thank you so much for your time!

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              As I said, I remember this external effort being started, but it was so long ago that I do not remember where I saw this information or how far it went (or even if a BIOS was actually delivered).


              Every graphics card provides a BIOS extension that is responsible for initializing the graphics card hardware and provides the library of routines necessary for the BIOS to display test/graphics on it. Most of the issues with newer graphics cards are caused by incompatibilities between the BIOS and this BIOS extension. Sometimes, the expectations of the BIOS extension on the features and capabilities of the BIOS itself cannot be met. One example is cases where only UEFI support is provided by the BIOS extension and nothing for the BIOS when operating in legacy mode.


              In addition to software (well, technically it's firmware) issues, there are also hardware compatibility issues. For example, some graphics cards won't work if there is no support for PCIe 3.0.


              Most of the reported compatibility issues have occurred with 280X and higher cards. Some 270X issues have also been reported with certain boards, however.


              Hope this helps (though not holding my breath),


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                Hello, All:


                Thank for your feedback on this thread.




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                  Hello General


                  I'm using skulltrail with e5410, and gtx460.

                  Win10 x64 works like a charm.

                  Intel drivers too. Only Lan is "not supported" but default windows driver works.


                  Dont believe N. Scott Pearson i think he was a pizza guy in skulltrail team ; )




                  Chipset drivers installed with params:



                    Updates ALL INF drivers on all available devices

                    even if third party drivers are currently installed.

                    This flag works in Interactive Mode only.



                    Updates the storage drivers even if a third

                    party storage driver is currently installed.

                    This flag works in Interactive Mode only.



                    Ignores the overwrite warning dialog when

                    installing an older version of the software.


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                    Hello Henry,


                    thank you very much for your answer.


                    Did you do the upgrade via the Windows Upgrade function (i mean updating an existing Windows installation) or did you do a clean install? If it was a clean installation, which Windows-version (build) did you use?
                    Which BIOS-Version is installed on your system?


                    Thank you in advance.




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                      Hello General´╝î

                      I,m now using skulltrail with two QX9775 and a GTX690 and I'm sure that win10 can be used on skulltrail,but the graphics card on skulltrail can only be used in PCIE X16 1.1 as the test result on the GPU-Z because the PCIE slots on the motherborad is connected by two nvidia nForce 100 chips(this chip can only work in PCIE 1.1) in order to get SLI function in the 2007,thus when using some recent graphics cards,it may cause that some cards can not perform so well on the skulltrail platform and when using SLI or Crossfire with several cards,it is easy for them to get the bottleneck of the PCIE 1.1 and the speed which they can play totally are more rather than the bottleneck of the pcie 1.1.


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                        Chouyang, thank you for your feedback.




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                          Been using D5400XS motherboard for some years now, Win 10 runs fine.

                          Not sure what causes it to work for me, but maybe you can figure out a way, too.

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                            Win 10 does work on this motherboard. But it may vary by cpu...


                            This thread on AnandTech: D5400XS aka "Skulltrail" and Dual Xeon E5450 - Windows 10 x64 Pro (NO Support) - AnandTech Forums reports the same problem as you but with two e5450's. Another person with two qx9775s was able to install win 10. May be cpu specific, not mobo specific.


                            I also read one other thread that said a reported cpu issue disappeared when a LAN card was inserted. Worth a try..


                            Good Luck!



                            ps - I am mid-way through a Skulltrail rebuild with dual qx9775s, and have been doing a bit of searching on win 10 and the d5400xs...

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                              Thank you for your input.