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    intel edison processing information too slow ?


      using the intel Edison i find that it executes programs very slowly, like in a recursive loop for example,

      like this simple while loop :



        if (tmpt==pow(2,23)){





      it prints out very slowly, like one output per second like that.

      this is a concern for me as i want to use the GPIO using MRAA to capture data from an ov7670 camera with a pixel clock of only 8MHz, nothing too much considering the Intel Atom CPU operates at 500MHz and even the Quark micro-controller in there operates at 100MHz, which is way faster than the 16MHz that an arduino uno runs on(that the ov7670 is supposedly used for, which i think isnt a prroblem for the uno to execute without much problems as the uno is a microcontroller, which is without an operating system in it, therefore it has no scheduling of other programs to slow the execution of an arduino program)

      is this due to the default processor scheduling priority for C++ executables in the intel edison or something like that?

      and how do i overcome this very interesting problem ?