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    NUC6i3SYH freezes and crush continuously


      Got my NUC6i3SYH yesterday,

      Memory is 8GB single module Kingstone HyperX

      SSD is SanDisk Z400s (256GB, 2.5 FF)


      Installed Win7SP1 from USB disk (After going through Intel's "Add USB3 Drivers" process)


      since installation:

      unit will freeze every couple of minutes (2-3 minutes)

      while freeze, windows glass-hour icon will apear

      happens also if running firefox or Chrome with more than 3 tabs open

      happens during youtube streaming


      this morning i tried updating BIOS from what arrived with unit to latest from Intel's site - Did not help


      Tried moving the RAM module to upper slot - no change in performance

      Tried the lowe slot - No change, problem still there


      today also BSOD appear


      Window's event viewer is telling me about continuous error with BT module and Kernel (Critical error)


      Any ideas what is there to blame before im sending this back to the store?