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    Intel HD 5500 blank or distorted application GUI.


           Hello! I am having problems in Cubase 8, FL Studio 12, and VSTHost(all applications are 32 bit) with several plug-ins: Fabfilter Pro-Q2, Arturia Mini V3, every Waves plug-in, every MeldaProduction plugin. The GUI is either blank or distorted. I have tried 3 different driver versions(,, Beta Version seems to be the most stable out of those 3, because Fabfilter, Waves and MeldaPoduction plug-ins seem to work fine, but Arturia Mini V3 has distorted GUI every time I open it in Cubase 8, FL Studio 12, or VSTHost. On versions, Beta all of the plug-ins load and look fine, but the more plug-ins load, the bigger is the chance that the next plug-in I open will be either blank or distorted. And at some point that chance is 100%, so every plug-in i open has blank or distorted GUI, but usually just blank. I even managed to crash the Beta driver(Faulting module name: ig8icd32.dll, version:, Exception code: 0xc0000005) after loading several instances of Pro-Q2 plugin. But it does not crash on

      I am not entirely sure, but I think those plug-ins use OpenGL and that might be somehow causing the problem, because other plug-ins work fine.


      Lenovo G50-80 Laptop.

      Intel HD 5500, 8GB RAM, i5-5200U.


      Windows 7 x64, 3 drivers versions mentioned above, VBIOS 1032.0.


      If you need more details i will be glad to post them.

      Thank You in advance!