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    Serial cable for Galileo gen2



             I am new to this Intel Galileo and I want to work in it for IoT. I am trying to connect my Galileo with my computer using a serial cable CP2102 USB to TTL Module with DTR pin ( http://elementzonline.com/cp2102-usb-to-ttl-module-with-dtr-pin-can-work-as-arduino-programmer--80 ). I have install its appropriate driver. When I connects, prompt sound comes up but never shows up in my computer.



      I have connected like this,

      Serial           Galileo

      RTS                DTR

      RXD                TXO

      TXD                RXI

      +5V                  VCC

      GND               GND



      How do I fix this? Is there any tutorial of this or do I have to use FTDI serial cable only?