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    best lenguaje for my proyects


      i want to know which one its better linux python the ide of intel or arduino. because i have to use for a project a camera, sound recognize communication between my phone via wifi or bluetooth. or sayin in other way,what is the  most complete lenguaje?

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          Hello alexespartano,
          The IDEs supported by Edison are used to program in Arduino C++ (Arduino IDE), Node.JS (XDK), C++ and Java (System Studio), however, if you program directly on Linux, you have access to all of these (with the exception of Arduino C++) and pretty much any other programming language compatible with Linux not just Linux.
          The libraries used in the XDK and the System Studio are the same libraries you would use on Linux. MRAA and UPM supports C/C++, Java, Python and JavaScript. So, when using Linux you would have access to these languages when using MRAA and UPM but you could also use generic Linux libraries to interface with the board.
          That being said, it comes down to your preference, I personally prefer using Linux directly, what I usually do is write the code in a text editor with programming syntax on my PC and then I copy it to my Edison to compile it. Nevertheless you might be more familiar to Eclipse, so you might be more comfortable using the System Studio.
          Then my suggestion is that you try them and choose the one that you like the best.