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    Drive selection for Skull Canyon (NUC6i7KYK)


      I have my Skylake NUC on order and trying to finalize my m.2 drive choice. Not using it for gaming but as a power PC & for entertainment.



      Option 1
      . Go for the Samsung 950 Pro m.2 NVME (512G) for it's blazing synthetic benchmark performance.

        or for a few dollars more

      Option 2. Throw in a lower cost RAID of 2 Samsung 850 EVO SATA III (1TB total).


      Option 1 -- Start fast with room to add a drive in the future as prices fall. Keep it simple.

      Option 2 -- Recoup some of the performance given vs. option 1 and get twice the storage space today. This will add some complexity with double the risk of a failure. Also any further storage growth would have to hang off the box or be an expensive throw-away.

      My questions?
      1. The 950 Pro has great specs and test results, but my impression is that it quickly breaks into a sweat and throttles down to avoid overheating. Is that what you have seen or does the airflow in the NUC keep it sprinting for a several minutes at a time?

      2. Performance prediction. Some have said the real world performance increase on a single user PC from SATA to NVME may be only around 15% better (rather than 3-4 times). This may because queue depth is typically l-2 not 32 and a lot of I/O involves small files, I am concerned I really won't drive the 950 hard enough to be worth it, especially if it always throttles down. Is it reasonable to extrapolate that option 2 might actually perform better than 1?

      3. Given the 'some assembly required' nature of the NUC (I will build up with Windows 7 then upgrade to 10) did configuring an array just add a few steps or represent a painful hurdle?

      Other thoughts?