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    Intel GMA 965 (x3100) No aceleracion texture


      Hi all

      I'm new and am looking for any solution or any software, drivers ... anything with which to activate the acceleration directx texture as these leave me disabled, I try to play the L2 and tells me the AGP, not activated, how can I activate it?

      Lineage2 game at 10-15 fps and it feels fine.

      Install Windows Vista could be a winning solution for FPS?
      Find information on this problem here, http://www.intel.com/support/sp/graphics/sb/cs-009689.htm.

      Also says here that there are more older drivers 13XX version I solved the problem of texture acceleration NOT AVAILABLE, they will not find them, someone could tell me where to download?


      My operating system is Windows XP SP3 DirectX 9.0c and my driver the last