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    Temperature on 4790K?


      Hi, sorry for my bad english .

      I have a little overheating situation. I use i7 4790K on Asus Z97 Pro Gamer, case Zalman Z3 Plus with very good air flow. I recently bought Gelid Tranquillo rev3 as cooler, but temperatures were 35-40 idle, 60-65°C slightly working and up to 75°C in full load.

      Now I installed Noctua D15, reinstall thermal compound twice and my best results are 27-32°C idle, 40-65°C medium work load and 68-75°C in full load. But in prime up to 100°C in just one second.
      My PCH on MB is up to 48°C. Is that normal? It did not matter which application method of thermal compound or number of coolers i used. (I use MX4 paste.)
      Thank you in advance for any hints!